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Terms and Conditions

You acknowledge that Icons only contains the functionalities and other characteristics that it does at the time you use it ("as is" and "as available"). Every time you use Icons, you do so at your own risk and responsibility.


By using Icons, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions ("Terms and Conditions"). If you do not agree with all of these terms of use, then you must discontinue use immediately.


User Registration and Restrictions 

Before using our website, you will need to register for an account ("Account"). In order to create an Account, you must:

  1. Be at least 18 years old. If in case of a minor, parental supervision and permission are needed; and

  2. Be legally permitted to use Icons by the laws of your home country.


You can create an Account via manual registration. By registering on Icons, you warrant that all information you submit is true, updated, and complete. For more information about what information we use and how we use it, please read our Privacy Policy.


Information or data accessed by you via Icons Services is for personal use only and the distribution or commercial exploitation of such information is strictly prohibited. 


The use of automated systems to copy and/or extract the whole or any part of the website is strictly prohibited.



As a student using Icons' website for class bookings, you must understand that:

  • Ballet training involves rigorous physical exercises and movements. Training carries potential injury in the process. In this case, student must be prepared to care for and use a space wide enough to avoid collision with any objects or cause any injuries.

  • Icons is not manned at all times to monitor and manage the actions of its Students and Mentors while the class is ongoing. Private dance classes are between students and mentors.

  • You are expected to comply with the mentor's provided instructions beforehand (if given), as well as prevent any disturbances or interventions during the entire duration of the class.

As a student attending private classes through Icons, you must understand that:

  • Classes are held on the online application, Zoom Meetings. You are expected to have a stable internet connection during the entire duration of the class. If a student experiences connectivity problems during the class, they are expected to return within ten (10) minutes before the Mentor has the right to end the meeting.

  • Sharing links to private classes is strictly prohibited and will lead to the permanent termination of your account.

  • In the case that a Mentor experiences connectivity issues during class, they are required to extend the class by the number of minutes lost during reconnecting period, free of charge. Should the Mentor be unable to return to class entirely, it will be rescheduled to another date, free of charge.


Safety Measures

As a student, we strongly recommend that you do the following before starting your lesson with Icons:

  • Coordinate on the booking form what you want to focus on or concentrate on during the class. Make sure the level you are asking for corresponds to your current ability to avoid unwanted injury.

  • Wear appropriate dance wear and shoes that have been professionally fitted.

  • Ensure a safe and enough space to move around throughout the class. In case needed of a barre, choose one suitable for your height.

  • Warm up and stretch fully before jumping into class.

  • While in class, engage and check with your Mentor the proper techniques and posture on how to improve your dancing.


Responsibility for Medical Needs

Students and parents in the case of a minor accept and purposefully know that they are responsible for any risks of possible injury, illness, and any other medical emergency that may occur directly or indirectly, during and or after the class.


By using Icons' class booking and services, you assume the responsibility of knowing your medical records and history. If medical support is needed, students and parents shall provide all things necessary and be on standby for safety purposes. Icons and its mentors will not be liable and will not assume legal responsibility for medical situations that may occur.



Cancellation Policy 

Cancellation of class may be done four (4) days in advance of the schedules class date to avoid penalties. In case of rescheduling, we will prioritize using the optional dates given by the student via the booking form. If given dates do not work for either the student or the mentor, a new mutually suitable date shall be given.


We will reimburse the entire cost of your online ballet class if you cancel at least  four (4) days before the scheduled class date. The cost of the class will not be returned if you cancel within or less than three (3) days before schedules class date.


Fees, Refunds, and Rescheduling 

By booking on Icons, you agree to pay us fees for each offered service you book in accordance with the pricing and payment terms presented.


Refunds are processed through the website and will reflect within seven (7) days after issuing. Refunds, both partial and full, can be processed under listed circumstances:

  • When a student:

    • Cancels a booking reservation

    • Cancels a scheduled class as early as four (4) days before the scheduled class date

  • When a mentor:

    • Fails to attend the class on the scheduled date

  • When both parties:

    • Are unable to reach a consensus for the class schedule

    • Experience natural disturbances on or before the scheduled class which renders them unable to attend


Intellectual Property Rights

Unless otherwise indicated, the site and its content are rightfully owned by Icons. Any content from Icons' website and it's services such as but not limited to; class recordings, databases, website text, audio, design, trademarks, etc. may not be used commercially. You may not publish, distribute, reproduce, sell, modify, transmit, or in any way exploit any of the content or services presented on the site and during classes.


Should there be any circumstances that are not listed in the Terms, Icons reserves the right to act on the situation depending on our judgement of the matter.


Icons reserves the right to change these terms at any moment without prior notice. Your use of our site signifies that you agree to be bound by these terms, including any changes we make.


In case of breach of the Terms and Conditions presented, Icons have the right to suspend your account and refuse current or future use of our services.

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